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Buddy Larosa

Buddy is founder of the Cincinnati Golden Gloves for Youth and Greater Cincinnati Police Athletic League Programs providing many inner city youth the opportunity to develop lifetime skills through hard work, discipline, sportsmanship, self-respect and pride. This program has generated National and World Champions as well as Olympic hopefuls.


Buddy LaRosa


Michael LaRosa


Mark LaRosa

Vice President

John Burns

Ryan Ernst

Bill Burwinkel

Anthony Robertson

Gary Galloway

Julie Raleigh

Tom Mathews

Steve Caudill

Marsha Wirtz


Whether you think you have an Olympic hopeful or are just looking for your young boy or girl to learn some discipline and boost their self-esteem, our talented staff of coaches can help you. Our great volunteer staff features boxing lifers — including former Olympians and a professional world champion — that are here to help you and your child.