Cincinnati Golden Gloves For Youth & Greater Cincinnati Police Athletic League

Programs to serve and develop the youth of Cincinnati

A Cincinnati Boxing Program
That Changes Lives

We've designed a series of programs to help develop and nurture the lives of young men and women. Each of these programs addresses the physical, mental, emotional or academic needs of a child. To apply, please print out this form and send it to 1715 Republic Street Cincinnati, OH 45202.

Amateur BoxingThat Develops Boys And Girls

Our amateur boxing programs are open year round to young men and women, ages 8 to 18, at all levels of physical fitness. Whether you are just starting out, focused on getting back into shape or looking for a physical challenge there is a program designed for you.

Monday - Friday, 3:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Learning How To Approach Drug And Alcohol Use WithBoxers Against Alcohol And Drugs (BAAAD)

Focused on educating youths against drug and alcohol use our curriculum is taught through films, speakers and publications in a classroom setting.

TutoringTo Become Better Students And Better Boxers

Because excellence in the class room is just as important to us as excellence in the ring we require that all participants maintain a 2.5 GPA average. However, just like how no boxer can achieve greatness on their own we arrange for tutors, when needed, to help participants achieve and maintain this goal.

CounselingTo Increase Our Boxers' Emotional Health

The emotional strength of our boxers is just as important as their physical strength. That’s why we consider ourselves fortunate to have an eminent doctor of psychology who volunteers by offering counseling services.

Over-The-Rhine Recreation Center1715 Republic Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202 • 513-381-1893 • OTR@Cincinnati-OH.GOV